Social Outreach

One of our founding principles is to be a Compassionate Company, and we execute this through two of our programs, CirqueCompassion and CirqueKindness.


CirqueLouis instructors and staff participate in CirqueCompassion because they understand that circus arts are more than the art of juggling, balancing, etc– they can fundamentally change your life! We have a focus working with youth in Portland, but our programming will soon be growing– follow us to learn more!


Applications for our social circus program are available here:


Fill out and send back to or to receive waiver and more info on becoming a part of this program.


CirqueKindness takes on many different forms for CirqueLouis– sometimes it looks like surprising a fundraising event, and sometimes it looks like feeding the homeless. We live and love to serve! This past Spring for Mayor Fisher’s Give A Day Week, CirqueLouis donated over 100 hours of service, fed the homeless (with the help of our friends at Northeast Christian Church, JuiceBar, & Scarlett’s Bakery), donated 1100 pieces of clothing, and more!
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